Personal Belongings

Personal belongings are those which, for their nature and quantity, can be reasonably used by the passenger during the trip, taking into account the duration, circumstances and purpose of the trip, as well as the passenger’s profession, activity and characteristics; excluding goods which, for their features, quantity and value, may have a business character or purpose.
Generally speaking, personal belongings may be:

  • Jewelery and items for personal use.

  • Garments, shoes, items for personal hygiene and toiletries, provided they come in quantities that imply personal use.

  • A mobile phone, eg. a cell phone.

  • A camera or a portable video camera and accesories.

  • A Portable TV set

  • A Personal computer

  • Article for transportation, entertainment, food and childcare, acording to age

  • A portable device for recording or reproducing sounds, images, data, or mixed, commonly known as MP3, MP4 or the like, together with their respective set of portable headphones and accessories.

  • Up to an amount not exceeding 400 cigarettes, 500 grams of pipe tobacco, 50 cigars and 2,500 cubic centimeters of alcoholic beverages per adult.

  • Medicines in necessary quantities for passengers’ personal use only and according to the relevant medical prescription, as well as a device to measure blood pressure or blood glucose, and other similar portable devices for medical tests and reagents.

  • Books and leaflets as well as newspapers, printed matter, magazines and music compositions.


For children under 10, who can only carry their personal belongings, the following are also consider personal belongings:

  • Toys: 2 items.

  • Games, electrical or electronic devices for personal use: 2 items.

  • In the case of babies, items for their carrying, cleaning and entertainment are also included, together with accesories, such as:

    • A chair,

    • A portable crib,

    • A stroller,

    • A walker,


In the case of foreign tourists, the following are also considered personal belongings:

  • A portable compact disc player (CD) and / or DVD player or the like, together with their respective set of portable headphones and accessories.

  • Binoculars for personal use.

  • A portable television receiver, a laptop for personal use.
    A portable typewriter, a tent and camping gear.

  • Sports items (a set of fishing tackle; a non-motor assisted bicycle; a canoe or kayak with less than 5.50 meters long; a pair of skis; two rackets, and other similar items).

  • A pair of walkie-talkies


In any case, if more quantities of items than those listed above are imported, the extra items will not be considered personal belongings and shall be subjected to the provisions for items imported on permanent basis.


When using the  weight/value method to calculate the customs value of imported goods by a traveler, 25 kgs of them are considered as personal effects and they are free of customs duties. Check  weight / value method page and the examples