Envios Postales y Carga


  • Items hidden to evade Customs inspections.
  • Items of the same type that regardless their value presumably have commercial purposes for the amount to be exported.
  • Items whose value, individually or collectively, exceed 100 pesos without a Consular Invoice attached.
  • Items whose value, individually or collectively, exceed the 200 pesos shipment
  • limit established.
  • Cash and valuable objects of any type.
  • Pornography or other items which put at risk the morals, good manners or internal order.
  • Electrical appliances whose import is not allowed such as:
    • Refrigerators or  brand new freezers, with a size higher that seven (7) feet and any size in the case of second hand  equipment
    • Air-conditioners;
    • Stoves and portable electric stoves, any kind or model;
    • Electric ovens, any kind, model and size;
    • Electric showers, any kind and size;
    • Electric deep fryers, any kind and size;
    • Electric water heaters;
    • Electric irons, whose consumption exceeds 290 watts / hour without spraying, or 703 watts / hour with spray and steam;
    • Electric toasters, and;
    • Electric resistance of any kind.
  • Equipment which need prior authorization by the Agency of Control and Supervision  of the Ministry of Computer Sciences and Communications:
    • Wireless fax equipment;
    • Switchboards of any type;
    • Data network devices (routers and switches);
    • Cordless telephones except those operating in 40 - 49 MHz bands, 2.4 GHz bands and 5 GHz bands
    • Wireless microphones and accessories;
    • Radio transmitters of any type or service (radars, radio beacons, radio link, pagers, broadcasting, telemetry equipment, remote control);
    • Radio transceiver, fixed, mobile and personal station equipment, (walkie-talkie);
    • Professional radio receivers (which differ from radio and television household appliances);
    • Earth stations and satellite communication terminals (including the receiving stations, satellite dishes, accessories and satellite phones).
  • Items of animal or plant origin prohibited by health and veterinary authorities:
    • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. Fresh grains (rice, maize, beans, wheat, rye, etc).
    • Plant parts (leaves, branches, flowers, stems, roots, tubers, etc) and agamic and botanical seeds;
    • Live animals or taxidermies, except canine and feline;
    • Frozen, refrigerated and fresh meat, of any type.
    • Sausages and ham;
    • Biological products (vaccines, diagnostic means, sera) for animal use;
    • Dairy products of unknown brands or repacked;
    • Medicines in non-original packaging.


Prohibited items, as well as the excesses over the maximum value of two hundred ($ 200.00) pesos will be seized.