What should I not import within my baggage?

Do not bring with you or as part of your baggage:


  • Drugs, narcotics and psychotropic substances or hallucinogens.
  • Explosives.
  • Blood derivatives.
  • Obscene or pornographic literature, items and objects that put at risk the general interests of the nation.

It is allowed to import all electrical appliances and their parts, except for those which are high consumers as listed below:

  • brand new freezers, with a size higher that seven (7) feet and of any size in the case of secondhand  equipment
  • air-conditioners;
  • stoves and portable electric stoves, any kind or model;
  • electric ovens, any kind, model and size;
  • electric showers, any kind and size;
  • electric deep fryers, any kind and size;
  • electric water heaters;
  • electric irons, whose consumption exceeds 290 watts / hour without spraying, or 703 watts / hour with spray and steam;
  • electric toasters, and
  • electric resistance of any kind.


Besides, it is not allowed:


  • Light motor vehicles (cars, motorcycles and combustion engine bicycles).
  • Engine and chassis of cars and motorcycles (frames).
  • Products of animal origin (cattle, pigs, sheep, goats and all species of ungulates) which can be disease carriers.